The Young African Rainmakers Coalition, is a powerful network of youth entrepreneurs and changemakers across Africa who are tackling issues identified by our African Youth Survey.

IFF provides the Coalition with support to:

  • Engage with the findings of the Survey, particularly the following theme areas:
  • Education, Jobs & Livelihoods
  • Entrepreneurship & Personal Ambitions
  • Equality
  • Highlight achievements of youth entrepreneurs and changemakers in relation to the theme areas;
  • Find opportunities to effect policy decisions in each participating country;
  • Draft “manifesto” reports to governments of each participating country; and
  • Gain access to the governments of each participating country, toward the framing of manifestos as a key resource to affect policy decisions.

Ultimately, the goal of the Coalition is to listen and identify actionable intelligence that can partner with governments to create a new narrative of an optimistic, prosperous and peaceful Africa.