The Ichikowitz Heritage Art Collection is one of the largest collections of South African and African artists spanning four decades. By sharing this collection, the IFF offers a time capsule of our transformation for future generations. A series of exhibitions position visual art as a catalyst for dialogue and nation building.

Art Crosses Borders-Conversations is a ground-breaking showcase that offers a rare opportunity for mostly young and self-taught artists from Alexandra township to exhibit alongside inspiring works by veteran artists. The exhibit raised conversation about xenophobia, the nuances of borders and barriers between people. Ivor Ichikowitz personally hosted workshops with young learners, aimed at empowering youth to make positive choices in their lives.

To celebrate twenty years of the Constitution in 2016, the unique multi-media exhibition, IT’S A FINE LINE, was launched and is now featured as a permanent exhibition at Constitution Hill.

The exhibit offers visitors the opportunity to connect with the country’s road to democracy, acknowledge the sacrifices made along the way, and embrace the principles of the world’s most progressive Constitution.

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