The Ichikowitz Family Foundation Inspires the Youth of Alexandra Driving Art Innovation to Fight Xenophobia


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The Ichikowitz Family Foundation inspires the youth of Alexandra in creative workshops facilitated by veteran artist and curator, Vika Mjoka, in the run-up to the launch of the Heritage Art Collection at Art Smart Brand Alexandra. In celebration of Heritage Month, The Ichikowitz Family Foundation aims to engage the youth with heritage by using art as a tool for dialogue and providing an innovative learning experience and art workshop on Tuesday 25 August at 1:30pm.

The Ichikowitz Family Foundation catapults Alexandra into the limelight with ART CROSSES BORDERS-CONVERSATIONS, a ground-breaking exhibition offering a rare opportunity for mostly young and self-taught artists from Alexandra to exhibit alongside inspiring artworks by acclaimed artists from the Heritage Art Collection, one of the largest collections of its kind with paintings by South African and African artists dating back as far as the 1970’s.

The event will be an experiential opportunity for young learners from Alexandra to watch and listen as Vika Mjoka and fellow artists describe and demonstrate what it takes to be a professional artist and entrepreneur. In the context of the recent xenophobic attacks, of which Vika Mjoka himself was attacked and survived, the workshop deals with issues of xenophobia and illustrates the artist’s vision, hopes and dreams as role models. Children from Alexandra and the professional artists will work together to produce a new collaborative piece of work, representing peace and acceptance and, contributing to the Heritage Art Collection.

Founder of The Ichikowitz Family Foundation, Ivor Ichikowitz, and Vika Mjoka work together in this programme to empower young leaders to make positive choices in their lives, community and for their country.

Ichikowitz Family Foundation and Art Smart Brand act as a beacon of inspiration for young audiences and invite members of the media to experience this event with the youth of Alexandra.

Media and press photographers are invited to the workshop on Tuesday 25 August at 1:30pm. FAST FACTS



Tuesday 25 August – 1:30pm to 2:30pm

ART SMART BRAND, NO.34-3RD Road, Marlboro Industrial, Alexandra

Includes art class by professional artists; Q & A with young learners; motivational speech by Ivor Ichikowitz


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