The journey that led to the signing of the Constitution is one that spans almost a century. It tells the stories of innumerable heroes, known and unknown, some often forgotten, who have sacrificed their lives for the freedom of others. The Ichikowitz Family Foundation commissioned internationally-renowned artist Dean Simon to immortalise some of these different people, places and events along the

country’s road to democracy, to acknowledge the sacrifices made along the way, and to embrace the principles of the world’s most progressive Constitution. This multi-media experience IT’S A FINE LINE combines 16 hyper-realistic drawings with rare archive footage to bring to life some of the key history makers and events that shaped South Africa’s heritage. Many of these individuals and events have never before been given the prominence they deserve.

The title of the exhibition recognises things are not always what they seem: at first glance, they may be deceiving. IT’S A FINE LINE asks us to continuously probe and traverse the fine lines between fact and fiction, between justice and power, reality and ideals, modernity and fundamentalism. Inspect the 16 drawings first hand, up close and personal. A series of short films is screened alongside the artworks to further explain their historical context of the artworks. IT’S A FINE LINE asks of all of us to communicate with those from a different paradigm. It asks of us to face one of the great challenges of life.