WATCH: Kids to learn Constitution through beat boxing


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A private foundation is planning to teach the Constitution to South African pupils through beat boxing.#IamConstitution is a campaign that aims to create dialogue and constructive debate around the Constitution‚ while addressing issues facing the country and its youth.Constitutional Court struggling to find legal path to this year’s electionsCan a practical, but legal, interim solution be found to ensure that upcoming local government elections proceed? The #IamConstitution and Ichikowitz Family…


Press Release

Stop Xenophobia

The Ichikowitz Family Foundation would like to express our alarm at the xenophobic attacks that South Africa has witnessed over the last few days against

Anti Poaching

Dog Units in Malaysia fighting poaching

Ichikowitz Family Foundation (IFF) and Paramount K9 Solutions Expands Global Mission to Protect and Preserve Endangered Wildlife Johannesburg, August 26, 2019. The Ichikowitz Family Foundation