Ichikowitz Family Foundation Donates Ambulances To Ukraine


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Multinational Non-Profit Organization Contributes To Ambulances For Ukraine Initiative In Global Effort To Support Ukrainians On The Frontlines Of Russian Invasion

Johannesburg, South Africa, 22 April 2022. In an international effort to equip the citizens of Ukraine with much needed medical support, the Johannesburg-based philanthropic Ichikowitz Family Foundation has announced its donation of fully equipped ambulances packed with medical supplies to the Ambulances For Ukraine programme. 

​Ambulances For Ukraine is a crowdfunding initiative which has garnered en masse contributions from individual donors to multinational organizations, a campaign spearheaded by a consortium led by Management Consultant, Khaled El Mayet. With public support, the consortium invests in the procurement of ambulances from around the world, returning many to active medical service in operations within Ukraine. 

The effort has from its inception received global recognition, most recently commended by U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken in an address seen and heard by millions around the world.

The ambulances donated by the Ichikowitz Family Foundation will support the Ambulances For Ukraine mission to continue to send critical convoy after convoy of donated ambulances within the weeks to come to the frontlines of the Ukrainian conflict. 

“From the discussions that we are having with those on the ground in Kyiv and across Ukraine, the country’s citizens are not just showing to the world unbelievable resolve, but also exuding deep appreciation for the global effort underway to help them preserve their country; their gallant battle to defend themselves and their loved ones from tyranny will live in perpetuity in the annals of world history,” stated Ichikowitz Foundation Chairman, Ivor Ichikowitz. 

Ambulances For Ukraine has additionally partnered with Global Outreach Doctors, an organization which traditionally provided both allopathic and integrative complimentary medical practitioners in developing countries affected by famine, infant mortality and chronic health issues. Global Outreach Doctors has since repurposed its mission to support the millions afflicted by the ongoing conflict in Ukraine.

Ambulances For UkraineFounder, Khaled El Mayet, stated that, “When I saw what was happening in Ukraine I felt a moral obligation to help my fellow humans. Our team, many of them stationed continents away, knew that we couldn’t stand by and do nothing. With the world’s support and the power of social media crowdfunding, we have purchased, prepared and fully stocked vehicles for Ukrainian medical services operations. We are grateful to organisations like the Ichikowitz Family Foundation for their valuable support. Yet this is only the beginning of of a prolonged conflict, one which will leave no Ukrainian untested. Hopefully, with the continued support of the global community, we can continue helping to save lives in Ukraine.”

Andrew Lustig, Founder and President of Global Outreach Doctors stated: “Global Outreach Doctors USA (GoDocs) is a proud partner of Khaled El Mayet and his Ambulances for Ukraine initiative; which supplied us with six ambulances in March 22 and are now bringing another four. GoDocs deployed these vehicles straight away and they have been operating in Ukraine ever since. We are also very thankful to the Ichikowitz Family Foundation who has already paid for two of those vehicles. Lives are being saved and we will continue to help our brothers and sisters in Ukraine”. 

The Ichikowitz Foundation serves as a multinational nonprofit organization and torchbearer for emerging market innovation, hosting a decades-long legacy of advancing and building upon the institutions and practice of democracy.

“Just as every single Ukrainian seeks to take up the fight with an understanding that they have a profoundly important role to play in defending their country, we as a global community must use our resources and capabilities to play our part in the name of democracy itself. We commend the numerous doctors, nurses, ambulance workers and many volunteers who have braved onslaught after onslaught to bring relief to those suffering. But it’s not enough to commend. To them I say be assured that the world is watching. We must aid in your mission to defend your families, your communities, your very way of life from what has become tragically, an all-out war. And we are doing so for our friends in Ukraine – for, as the Ukrainian proverb suggests – to help a friend, no road is too long” Ichikowitz added. 

The Ichikowitz Foundation looks forward to fostering continued global partnerships in tandem with Ambulances 4 Ukraine and to procure appropriate means and avenues to support the nation during the conflict. 


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