Focus Areas


Advancing and building the institutions and practice of democracy, promoting human rights, reconciliation and nation building, encouraging public service and civic responsibility.


Promoting personal, communal, and corporate best practice in matters affecting the environment, sustainable utilization of natural resources, supporting research and development of alternative sources of energy, protection and development of water supply and conservation of Africa’s unique biodiversity.


Creation of the AFRICAN ORAL HISTORY ARCHIVE, a heritage portal designed to create a history that will be accessible in perpetuity. 

Documenting the untold stories of key events that shaped Africa’s modern history and stimulating debate around major current political developments.

Giving unprecedented access to the history makers who were at the heart of these important events.

Interpreting the evolution of human values, tolerance and celebrating diversity, understanding our common heritage, respecting key standards that underpin successful societies, learning from the mistakes of the past, and making these learnings widely available.


Initiating or supporting projects that promote computer literacy, development of marketable skills, providing scholarships for promising young people.


Promoting innovation and entrepreneurship, private sector managerial skills, funding scholarships and awards for excellence in business, cultural, musical and sporting excellence.


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