The Ichikowitz Family Foundation (IFF) has committed itself to the kind of active citizenship that promotes the preservation of our heritage, the conservation of our environment, and the education of our people. Using film, music, publications and art to foster dialogue between people, we strive to be a torchbearer for innovation and to conserve Africa’s biodiversity and heritage for future generations.

Our creative arts programmes are a dynamic vehicle to encourage the development of essential life and leadership skills; skills that are increasingly important on the Continent where success and lasting solutions demand ingenuity and innovation. Over the past ten years, The Foundation’s creative arts initiatives prioritised the involvement of more young people in creating positive economic, political, and social change.

The Foundation takes this seriously. It acknowledges that human rights and environmental issues are closely intertwined. For the past ten years, we have developed several projects aimed at caring for the future in a sustainable way. We have established one of the largest Anti-Poaching Skills and K9 Training Academies in Africa that includes a range of innovative high-tech aircraft, surveillance and communication equipment to strengthen the capabilities of counter-poaching units across Africa. Our Anti-Poaching Academy specialises in anti-poaching rapid reaction unit training, training of handlers and detection dogs at points of access to game reserves and borders, tracking dogs for field rangers, and special operation dogs for rapid deployment to disaster regions. In December 2016 – the Guinness World Records recognized Arrow, a German Shepherd dog specially trained to combat Africa’s poaching crisis.

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