Our African Oral History Archive (AOHA) charts the untold stories of Africa’s vivid history, magnificent heritage and collective memory. We believe that our collective memory is a tool to shape what it means to be an active citizen. In a global effort, over 170 interviews have been recorded, giving unprecedented access to all those who have been instrumental in Southern Africa’s modern history. Subscribing to journalistic best practices, AOHA adopts no single point of view but, rather, provides the raw material for open, pluralistic storytelling, the hallmark of democratic societies.

The Archive includes former heads of state and government ministers, civil rights activists and other key figures who have spoken freely of the difficult decisions they were called upon to make, the criteria by which their decisions were taken, and their personal fears and hopes for the liberation of South(ern) Africa. The diverse narratives are entry points to deepen our understanding of our history, to stimulate debate around contemporary political developments and to make these learnings widely available.