Advancing and building the institutions and practice of democracy, promoting human rights, reconciliation and nation building, encouraging public service and civic responsibility.

Funding training programmes that enhance the management of public institutions, good personal and corporate citizenship and community development and awareness.


One of the most profound changes in Africa in recent years has been the trend towards greater democratisation, the rule of law, respect for human rights, and better governance. The Foundation has funded, and continues to support capacity-building initiatives to consolidate and build upon this trend. These initiatives have entailed education and training in building democratic institutions and processes; the exercise and consolidation of media freedom and other forms of expression; training election officials in multiparty procedures; and assisting the new generation of African leaders in modernising their administrations, and integrating into the global economy. The Foundation continues this work in the belief that it contributes to greater tolerance, understanding, peace, and stability on the continent.

Education and Entrepreneurship
An Ichikowitz Family Initiative