There are MILLIONS of CHILDREN in AFRICA dreaming of a brighter future - many of them walk miles to SCHOOL - BAREFOOT everyday.

These very special shoes are made in South Africa from innovative fully recyclable material designed specifically for SCHOOL CHILDREN in AFRICA. They are WATERPROOF, require NO POLISHING, will not cause blisters and can stretch to accommodate a growing foot...

'BAREFOOT NO MORE' annually replaces OLD SHOES for recycling and replaces them with a larger size... Our STAFF's MISSION is to ensure AFRICA’s CHILDREN go ‘BAREFOOT NO MORE’ with a personal contribution by all and the final amount being doubled by the company CHAIRMAN - IVOR ICHIKOWITZ.

DISTRIBUTION of the shoes purchased from the extensive STAFF CONTRIBUTION, will be undertaken in DECEMBER in preparation for the start of the new school year in JANUARY 2012.

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