Alta du Toit School offers specialized, professional education to learners with intellectual disablities from different cultural backgrounds who can not benefit from mainstream education. Every child here is provided the best possible opportunity to progress according to their capability and at their own tempo. As far as possible they are enabled to become self-supporting adults, who readily engage in the community to which they belong.

All Alta du Toit School learners have an intellectual disability. There are various causes for their disability, such complications before, during or after birth, injuries to the brain, abnormalities of the brain, skull or central nervous system and genetic disorders. To date, we have 34 identified genetic disorders, of which Down's syndrome is but one.

A large percentage of learners have multiple disabilities including epilepsy, autism, cerebral palsy, auditory or visual problems.

These are a loving group of children and young adults who live and learn together as a happy family.

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