African Oral History Archive is a non-profit initiative dedicated to African story telling and collecting this testimony in order to safeguard Africa's dynamic heritage for future generations.

Created by The Ichikowitz Family Foundation, this global effort records and showcases the continent's acclaimed or unknown history-makers, giving unprecedented access to all those who were at the heart of events that shaped Africa's modern history.

The Ichikowitz Family Foundation believes that knowledge about ourselves - our identity as a nation - depends on our understanding of our past and how others see us. It enables the African Oral History Archive to provide specialist content across all forms of media, from the African continent, to the globe.

History is always told by the victors - the Foundation through the African Oral History Archive opens this up and provides all sides too many different stories so the broader public can ultimately make up their own minds.

The Ichikowitz Family Foundation is committed to finding ways to encourage the ongoing development of African talent and promoting African stories to global audiences.

African Oral History Archive

The African Oral History Archives
An Ichikowitz Family Initiative